Am I giving enough?

First off, if you are genuinely asking this question, you are giving enough.
Isn’t that great.
But what if these kind of questions keep coming back?

Everybody is of service to someone or something other than themselves, one way or another. This could be taking care of a loved one, a professional work, volunteering for a passionate project. However, some of this service might seem for egoistic reasons:

  • « Am I working just for the money? »
  • « Am I taking care of that person because I am scared of letting them down? ».

But …

  • « What are you using the money for? »
  • « Why am I scared of this person? »

Etc. …

If followed, this chain of questions will reveal that those reasons can be seen as not just egoistic, not just about you. Naturally, these reasons are accompanied by many other motivations and feelings, making it sometimes messy in our thoughts.

I sometimes ask myself these question: « Am giving back enough to my family, to society around me? », « Can I give more? ». Yes… Maybe… No… When feeling burned out, thoughts can easily flood our mind, questioning all our actions and making us feel unnecessary or inadequate.

Well … SURPRISE!!!
You are needed, very much so.
The proverb « every little helps » points us in the right direction.
Because, compared to the bigger picture we are serving, we are indeed very little.

So, whether it is getting out of bed or saving a part of the rainforest. In the end, the actions you take, are of service. The questions is; can you notice it? And this is where we pick our messy questions back-up. « Why are we getting we getting out of bed in the morning? »

For me the lyrics from indie Mt. Wolf tickle this idea:

And it’s, it’s just we get so messy,
it’s not that we are doing lots of wrong things,
our mind is so messy

We don’t keep it simple

Mt. Wolf, Burgs

So instead of repeatedly wondering if what you are doing is helping others or not, keep it simple. Not as an idea, but as a practice, regularly taking time to reflect your intentions. Meditate, roll on the floor, water your plants, walk in the forest, dance, whatever simple activity that allows you to be present with what is happening right now in your life. You will realise that once you can feel your own breath and you can hear the birds singing around you, how you are serving will be clear and every step you take becomes a gift.

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