About me

I’m a dance/movement therapist (MA), yoga teacher (200YTT) specialising in burnout recovery.

As a former handball athlete and engineer I personally bounced back from a long burnout period thanks to a regular dreamwork and yoga practice. Throughout this practice I connected with myself on a deeper level and felt drawn to take on contemporary dance. It was in my first dance class, as I allowed my body to move freely, that I felt truly home.

After recovering I started to regularly offer mental/physical wellbeing workshops in corporate and academic environments. As a dance/movement therapist I have worked with people suffering from clinical depression.

It is my purpose to create a space where people can connect with their body and dreams. To help them discover their embodied wisdom and live a life connected with themselves, their loved ones and our planet.

Most of my free time is spent dancing on funky beats, exploring my being with different body-mind practices and playing around with last night’s dream. On a perfect day you can find me lying on a big tree branch contemplating a sticky mouthful of peanut butter while sharing it with the squirrels.

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