Invite the embodied wisdom and creativity of dreams into your life by connecting with a dream’s movement, your movement

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Latest from the Blog

Am I giving enough?

First off, if you are genuinely asking this question, you are giving enough.Isn’t that great.But what if these kind of questions keep coming back? Everybody is of service to someone or something other than themselves, one way or another. This could be taking care of a loved one, a professional work, volunteering for a passionateLire la suite « Am I giving enough? »

When should you be « full-on » or go « all-out » in your work?

An exploration of language, the way it can influence our perspective on performance and our experience of it. I see myself as a pretty « full-on » person, doing many things, having a lot of interests. Often trying to do the best I can, and if I don’t, I tend to regret it. A few days agoLire la suite « When should you be « full-on » or go « all-out » in your work? »

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