Code of Ethics

The code of ethics for which I stand during my practice as a therapist and coach

The practice conforms to all regional and national laws regulating the practice of physical and mental health.

I will not engage in any action that might conflict with my clients safety or health.

I make sure to work within my field of expertise and if I am not confident  I can help a potential client, I will not work with them and offer a referral to another professional.

I maintain and extend my knowledge and skills through personal practice, training and study on the topic of embodied dreamwork, dance/movement therapy and burnout.

I will not offer my service to clients while mentally or physically unfit to practice.

At all times will the integrity of the clients’ intuition be respected, this includes their interpretation of symptoms and dreams.

My client will be informed explicitly on the structure and nature of our work together:

  • Clients are invited, not instructed to participate, consent is asked not assumed, at any time can the client refuse to participate in a session or ask for further explanation
  • The client is asked to verbalize their intention before participating
  • During a session there might be strong emotional and/or somatic experiences that can feel overwhelming or scary (which does not mean they are unsafe)
  • All information that is shared during a session is kept confidential
  • The approximate duration and the fees of the work together are communicated beforehand

This code has been inspired by my own experience as a practitioner and the official code of ethics and confidentiality for dreamworkers and dance/movement therapists.