Career coaching towards a professional life
that works for you

Are feeling a lack of purpose or joy at work? you are not alone!

Many people are struggling to clock their hours, hoping that the weekend will come soon.

It does not have be this way.

I support those who have social or emotional challenges, those who have lost their drive and those who want their work environment to be a place for personal growth.

Because it is your birthright to work in an environment where you feel safe, passionate and fulfilled

My approach

I offer effective coaching methods to get to the heart of the matter. What is most important to you right now?

Once your goal is identified, targeted interventions will help you better understand yourself on a social, physical and psychological level.

The wish to reach your goals is not enough. How are you going to reach them?

Through a consistent practice. Part of the coaching is to hold you accountable to keep doing the things that help you grow, even when life gets rough.

The interventions and practices are based on my experience working with people in different professional environments and are a combination of writing exercises, creative expression and bodywork.

The themes I specialise in:

  • Self-confidence: develop the courage to present yourself and embody leadership
  • Burn-out: learn to regulate your stress, do your work with forcing and set boundaries with others
  • Creativity: make curiosity your most powerful asset and create an environment that invites innovation
  • Communication: find a diplomatic balance to say what needs to be said and hear what needs to be heard


Joy at work

Through professional well-being

Become more aware of what you need to thrive at work, the things that give you energy and those that take it away.

Especially if you work a lot behind a screen, I offer practical tools to keep you mind and body fresh.

Learn how to communicate effectively and authentically, with colleagues and clients, to create relations that uplift you.

The ideal job

Through professional orientation

Choose for a job that fits you perfectly. By looking at your professional history and how you want to grow, you will be prepared for a career path that you look forward to walking on.

After our work together you walk away with clarity on the talents that make you exceptional, a sense of purpose and a mindset that leads to a fulfilling professional life.

Love and do what you want!

Saint Augustine


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About me

I’m a certified coach, yoga teacher and have a masters degree in body psychotherapy.

As a former athlete and engineer, I have experienced the price of professional stress. My burnout was a stepping stone to transform my attitude towards work and build a career where I feel free and appreciated.

In my free time I love spending time in nature, climbing trees, dancing, martial arts and explore my nighttime dreams.

The location

Two days a week I offer consultations in Elsene (1050) at Maesstraat 1A

On the weekends I offer consultations in Sint-Gillis (1060) at Savoiestraat 146