When should you be “full-on” or go “all-out” in your work?

An exploration of language, the way it can influence our perspective on performance and our experience of it. I see myself as a pretty “full-on” person, doing many things, having a lot of interests. Often trying to do the best I can, and if I don’t, I tend to regret it. A few days agoContinue reading “When should you be “full-on” or go “all-out” in your work?”

What did you expect?

An introductory exploration into the connection between body movement and dreams Expectation is a powerful phenomenon, elusive by nature, ever-present. This is highlighted in dreams, where one’s experience is not constrained by physical laws but by our beliefs and expectations over what can happen. Movement teacher Ido Portal, is known to asks his students “WhatContinue reading “What did you expect?”