Burnout prevention and recovery for professionals in transition

Move beyond burnout and low self-esteem and feel fulfilled at work

Have you lost touch with what gives you joy and meaning in life?

You are paying attention to your food and spend time working out but still feel like something fundamental is missing?

Is it hard for you to set boundaries and clearly express what you truly need?

In a society where living together is increasingly complex, it is easy to lose touch with your own needs and motivation. Especially if you are working in larger organizations where task and responsibilities are sometimes poorly communicated and unclear.

Gallup recently surveyed more than 7,500 full-time employees about burnout.  Up to 77 percent reported having experienced burnout. 23 percent of those workers said they felt burned out more often than not 1.

When life starts to feel like a buzzing beehive all the time, your body is asking for a change.

Even though balanced nutrition and sufficient physical activity are important when it comes to mitigating burnout symptoms. This alone is rarely enough, these are simply bandaids to a much deeper wound.

In my own experience and through facilitating workshop for burn-out prevention I found that many of us do not practice the awareness and skills to act on early warning signs. Both our body and our dreams communicate the need for rest, meaningful relations, creative interaction and authentic expression.

The signs start out as gentle whispers, but, if ignored, lead to burnout symptoms that can impede daily functioning. Our dreams and body are a source of intuitive wisdom which we can access of we take the time and space to listen. By starting to express your inner truth you can clearly communicate and act in a way that honors your natural way of being.

Right now, while reading, I invite you to close your eyes, for a few seconds, nothing groundbreaking, and notice the flow of your breath

You probably know about the importance of conscious breathing already, but knowing through your mind is not the same as feeling it in your body.

So, how does it feel?

This is the first step to letting go of unnecessary tension, keep coming back to your natural rhythm of breathing and you will start noticing a sense of ease.

The first steps towards moving beyond burnout, is to stand still, to pause. Through embodied – and dreamwork, you will learn to deeply feel what is going on right now in your life and the way your mind makes meaning out of it.

it all starts with one relaxed breath.

Through movement and creative expression you will be invited to experience yourself in a new way. Deeper aspects of yourself, which normally get suppressed in the day to day hustle, will start to become more clear by discovering the authenticity offered in your dreams.

Curious about what can help you to step out of the rut and into your own dance?

and I’ll send you some helpful tips!