It was such a pleasure to be invited by Harald into being witnessed and moving my dreams. I wasn’t sure how it would all work given that we would meet on-line, across the world from one another. I see such beauty in the reflections he offers and the space and beholding for me to explore in ways I haven’t yet come to on my own, in solo practice.

Harald offers a progressive approach to my dream re-entry and understanding that is well informed; he offers safety, awareness, spirit, and body preparations prior to engaging the dreamwork. As a former dancer, healing arts and somatic practitioner this is a requisite skillset in someone from whom I receive care.

I feel that each time we meet he creates a container and spaciousness for our work together. This encourages me to relax into his invitations. At each step I feel I can consent to the invitation and exploration in a way that was most authentic to me in the moment and was also free to decline or adjust.

He shows respect for slowing down, checking in, pausing as well as an openness to the wild and vast moves that may need to be made and witnessed. Harald’s presence is steady and compassionate, playful and well educated. In one of our dreamscape movements both a beginning and an ending to a childhood dream became clear. This was so healing to me as I had only accessed a short piece of this dream, originally a nightmare, that I had been transforming, learning and courting for years.

Sharing with Harald after moving these newly revealed dream pieces through my body and memory, he held such compassionate listening and didn’t pull away from any emotion or experience that arrived. This was such a rich and powerful experience for me. There continue to be moments from our work together that resource me in challenging relations and situations months after our time together. I am grateful for our meeting. Would that those who are up for this exploration and in need of alternative, supportive ways of rejuvenation, compassionate witnessing, dreamscape wisdoms and healing find their way to him.